About us 

The Yeeha! Camp team is life, dreams and experience.

Director and Founder

Fausto de Elío

Fausto is an enthusiast of all kinds of sliding sports, diving instructor, first aid instructor, has years of experience as a coordinator, both in children's camps and in large beach hotels. Father of four children. His dream has always been to create his own camp and develop his vision of how to help children discover the passion for sports and adventure, in a safe way, and as a team.


Álvaro Caso

Alvaro is an expert in various types of sea and mountain sports, and he is also a teacher at the waldorf school, where he is part of the Board of Directors. Álvaro is passionate about teaching, enjoys teaching children and learning how to teach, has tons of patience and can handle any wave and any mountain.



Yoba is our bike specialist, BMX, Pump track, Road, MTB, Enduro, Downhill... there is no discipline that he does not control, he will teach us the arts of riding and repair. Teacher of the BMX Madrid school.


Nacho Gisbert

Nacho has been on a skateboard almost since he started walking. He has designed skateparks in china during the x-games, is a board designer and has his own brand. With nacho you will learn how to design your own boards and a few tricks.

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