The Sailing Camp you dreamed of your whole life.

Get ready for non-stop boating fun at Yeeha! Summer Camp. We've got our own boats and beach, so you can hit the water every day, all day. Whether you're steering the boat, leading your crew, or learning the art of navigation, there are no limits!


Paddling at the same rhythm and communication with your partner will be fundamental in this boat.


Learn how to go upwind, gybe, set the sail to go full speed on the lake.

Bic Skiff

All the arts of navigation like a real ship's captain, don't run, fly!


Get ready for a wild ride with a buddy on this boat! This fast and fun activity is all about teamwork. One person mans the sails while the other steers the rudder


It is the most famous boat of all the schools, perfect for learning!


Let's see how long you can hold on without falling down!


Learn to fly kites, then Kitesurfing will be a breeze.

Paddle surf

It's a breeze, perfect for exploring or just sunbathing on the board.


On the Galleon not only will you learn and improve your skills, but you'll also have a blast with the whole gang. Take breaks for snacks and go for a swim, it's the ultimate group sailing experience.

We learned to sail!

If you want to learn how to sail BOOK your place as soon as possible.