Learn survival techniques and live a total adventure.

Make your own cabin

Build your own natural hut at Yeeha! Summer Camp. Children will learn hands-on building skills, work together, and take pride in their finished creation


Children must learn how to build a rod, fish with it, make a fire and cook their catch.


Night walks, map reading, compass use, star orientation.


Shooting is an Olympic sport at Yeeha! They learn to hold their breath, be still and be gentle with the trigger.

Camouflage Techniques

Learn painting techniques so that no one will recognize you, use elements of nature to be invisible.


Learn to climb trees, mountains, and the Yeeha building with us at camp.


It will help us to survive in the jungle, we will make our own bow!


There is no adventurer who does not know how to take care of chickens, chicks, rabbits and ...

Vegetable Garden

Where there is a farm there is a vegetable garden, we plant lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, carrots... and we eat them!

IF ADVENTURE is your thing, do not hesitate in RESERVE your place.