Discover your artistic skills in our Camp

We help you find your passions, your skills and your creativity with our great team of instructors and our passion for making things.


We have a lot of art material, everything is at your hand! Do whatever you want when you want, we will always be at your side to help you.

Art Design

Get your hands dirty and make something fun at Camp. We focus on practical arts, so you'll be creating things like skateboards, lamps, bird nests, and more. Get ready to get creative and leave with something you can truly use.


Learn the best tricks and techniques to express yourself with photos.


We teach you the art of cooking, cakes, biscuits, crepes... the ingredients disappear! chocolate is always missing!

Comic Magazines

Learn how to tell a story with drawings and pictures, pirate stories, adventure stories, treasure maps, enigmas...

We are waiting for you! BOOK
The Art of Construction

Wood, ropes, machines, pipes, you name it, we'll use it to bring your vision to life. There's no limit to what we can create, so bring your wildest ideas and let's get building!